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Little articles I've written, often in response to postings on discussion boards by beginners. Although I try to be accurate, these are my own thoughts and opinions only, nothing official.

Avoiding Disappointment for Beginners A series of articles for beginners, on starting well and avoiding early disappointment.
Starting Problems An exaggerated "life in the trenches" account of a fictional beginner having a terrible time.
Setting Expectations Avoiding disappointment by understanding what a beginner should and should not reasonably expect as they enter Astronomy
Getting Advice As a beginner, you'll want to get advice on how to proceed. It's readily available, but the quality varies widely.
Beginner Telescopes General advice on choosing a beginner telescope. Pointers to good books and articles, analysis of classic beginner advice, and my own feelings and advice.
About Finders A description of the various types of Finders that can accompany your telescope, and their advantages and disadvantages.
Setting Up Your Telescope A basic guide to setting up and aligning your telescope for use.
Basics of Go-To An introduction to the concepts and basics of operation of automated "go-to" mounts.
Beginner Targets General advice on choosing suitable targets for a beginner's first observing sessions.
Finding Things by Star Hopping An introduction to the basic technique for finding target objects.
Understanding the Motion of the Sky A very basic introduction to the kinds of motion and activity that take place in the sky, and the effects you'll see when you observe.
Aperture Fever A discussion of why large aperture is important, but why it isn't always the most important thing you need.
Understanding Magnification A discussion of how magnification is calculated and affected, how much you need, and how toy telescopes use this figure to try to mislead you.
Visual Astronomy and Seeing Colours Why you are only seeing deep space objects in Black and White.
Backlash A discussion of backlash in gear-driven mounts: what it is and what to do about it.
Basics of Astrophotography
An introduction to the types of Astrophotography and the types of equipment and skills involved.

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