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Micro Grab-n-Go: TV-60

For an ultra-portable scope, I have settled on a Televue TV-60 (which is used as a finder when it is not travelling).

This tiny doublet apo gives stunning wide-field views. It's not much aperture, of course, but grab-n-go is about convenience and portability, and this little scope has allowed me to observe from locations where the choice was a tiny scope or none.

For extreme portability, I use the TV-60's small soft case and a small camera tripod whose legs collapse very short. This package can easily be carried one-handed, fits under an airline seat, and fits inside standard roll-on luggage. closed-350.jpg

TV-60 in case, with minature tripod tucked into handles, and wristwatch for scale

Inside the soft case can fit
  • The OTA, with its sliding dew shield
  • Camera tripod dovetail bar
  • Diagonal
  • Red Dot Finder
  • Small red flashlight
  • Compass
  • 3 Eyepieces, or 2 and a barlow.
TV-60 case open showing scope, finder, diagonal, and eyepieces
The whole kit assembled.

This tripod is lightweight and not very stable, but this configuration is primarily about portability.

Grab-n-go setup fully assembled

When a little less portability is needed, a Manfrotto/Bogen fluid head on an Induro A-413 tripod fits in a fairly small shoulder sling, and is very stable. (I haven't taken a picture of this setup yet.)

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