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AstroDayRIchard2007.jpg I'm a computing professional living in Ontario, Canada.


An avid amateur astronomer, I enjoy observing from home, nearby dark sites, and especially "sidewalk astronomy" -- public outreach events where we give the passing public a chance to see. I'm also struggling up the learning curve for astrophotography.
Photography, especially landscapes, portraits, and events. This link leads to a different site with publicly-shared photos.
Multistrada nobags pose DSD7540.jpg
I'm an avid motorcyclist, commuting and especially into the countryside on weekends, but wish the season around here was longer. Want to discuss great roads in the area?
Amateur Radio
Once quite active, then inactive for a decade, I have put amateur radio station VE3NVM back on the air, now low power and casual use, and like to contact distant countries using low power and Morse code.
Freeware Small software utilities I've developed for fun or necessity, available for free download.
Japan After having the pleasure of living in Tokyo for a couple of years, quite a few years ago, I still love to reminisce about Tokyo and environs; Hakone; Fuji; MiyakeJima; Kamakura; Trains; Akihabara; Food.


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