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  • Bernie
    (13 May 2017, 16:31)
    You have a wonderful ability to explain things clearly.
  • TheTooner
    (3 April 2017, 02:40)
    It's not perfect, but a properly adjusted ScottOiler will give you much more consistent and reliable lubrication and much less mess than using an aerosol chain lube. Either way, if you got a great mess of splatter you are applying too much and if you see no splatter at all you are probably not applying enough.
  • Michael Miller
    (21 February 2017, 12:28)
    I had problems with new oil filters on 2000 zx6r. I get no oil pressure after installation. The motor runs for 10 seconds or so and the oil pressure light stays on. All new filters have a backflow flap to keep the oil from draining out. I think the flow of oil on these engines is backwards????. Does anyone else have this happen and what did they do to fix it.
  • (6 February 2017, 17:30)
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    (6 February 2017, 17:27)
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    (6 February 2017, 17:26)
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    (6 February 2017, 17:19)
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    (6 February 2017, 17:18)
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    (6 February 2017, 17:14)
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    (6 February 2017, 16:47)
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  • Test
    (5 February 2017, 18:47)
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  • testAuthor
    (5 February 2017, 11:25)
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  • Richard
    (5 February 2017, 10:17)
    Testing comments after a software change.
  • Rodrigo
    (29 January 2017, 00:04)
    Thank you for posting this troubleshooting work. I am courios, did the problem was your cables all the time or the misalignment of the motor shaft and the worm? I am installing the Ovision worm and I notice some misaligned in the oldmsn coupler when I rotate the worm.
    Thank you
  • wes
    (23 January 2017, 11:14)
    Right, found two. The free one (!) correctly portrays the inversion, though the other has more information displayed. So, I guess alignment goes like thi:
    1. Put scope in polar home - DEC = Lat, RA =0. (after leveling and so forth)
    2. Use alt-az adjustment to put polaris in center of polar scope to start
    3. Rotate the polar finder to put polaris circle ruling at the correct hour angle
    4. Use alt-az adjustment to place polaris in the circle
  • (21 January 2017, 11:51)
    Google "polar scope calculator" and you can find several websites and phone apps that will take date, time, and location, and tell you where the offset direction should lie. Warning: some of them compensate for the inverted image in the scope, some don't, so check that carefully.
  • Wes
    (21 January 2017, 11:09)
    Very Nice Richard. For fun I have just gotten a cg-4 mount on which I have a 5" reflector. It has a polar scope, but Celestron only ruled it with the offset circle and a small Polaris circle. How can I set the thing to the proper hour angle so the polaris circle is correctly oriented?
  • Scott
    (15 January 2017, 03:12)
    Your post on Finding Objects for Astrophotography is the clearest, most concise one I've found. Everyone seems to gloss over the actual "target acquisition" part of AP. I've spent half the night trying to find things before. Thanks very much for this, it is most appreciated!
  • CSL
    (3 January 2017, 20:31)
    The best do-it-yourself I have seen. Saved me 200 to nod add lowering links.
  • Steve H
    (31 December 2016, 10:10)
    I have a Meade lx200 on a cgem mount. When I balance scope I get it to where I think it is balanced but when I turn it past I point it starts to flop, same thing happens in other direction.
  • Alan Phillips
    (22 December 2016, 02:11)
    Just great, been looking from my bedroom window watching stars disappear!
    Can go back to sleep now, well informed, many thanks!
  • RCden
    (3 December 2016, 21:30)
    Superb instructions and pictures. Thank you!
  • xcalibur
    (12 November 2016, 17:57)
    would be better if you posted processed image without any additional processing, but only flat box corrected
  • ABPboy
    (12 November 2016, 12:47)
    Yeah, but you missed the grades that taught capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, huh?
  • cc
    (10 November 2016, 00:04)
    did't answer my question at all. I asked if the was anything that would make the star move up,down,left,right and in circular motion in a matter of minutes. I all ready new that the earth moves, learned that in third grade!!!!!
  • Bantel
    (2 November 2016, 18:49)
    Same bike, same year and color. Not a mechanic. Thanks for the help!!
  • Bantel
    (2 November 2016, 18:33)
  • Bill B
    (29 October 2016, 13:21)
    Nice explanation/demo.
  • Brandon
    (22 October 2016, 20:12)
    Hey my fuel pump when on the bike. Had to get a new one with filter. Any tips on how to change it
  • Bill of Simi Valley
    (22 October 2016, 16:47)
    Don't know how I ended up on your page, I assume from wood turning. But I enjoy using a wood lathe as well as astronomy as I have an 8" dobs reflector telescope. Unfortunately I do not have a tracking mechanism, but your astrophotography is inspiring me to fix up a tracking rig for it. Thanks for sharing the excellent photos of the nebulas. I also learned that the north star is a few seconds off in position which is good to know. Keep up the great photos and I hope you post more starpics soon.